12 years ago, before rescuing special needs was the norm, Maryam, along with husband Bruce, rescued Louie the cat, their first special needs rescue. Louie came to them with his back left paw newly amputated and his back right leg in a cast. Next came Daisy when she was only three months old. Daisy was born both blind & deaf. With no previous experience with blind & deaf dogs, and with very few resources available on the subject, Maryam had only the power of her intuition to guide them. They worked for months trying to gain Daisy’s trust and love.  After one particularly discouraging and exhausting session with Daisy, Maryam had a very vivid dream. The next morning she woke up and quickly began to write it down. Two hours later her first children’s book, What about Daisy? was born.

It was at that moment Maryam realized that Daisy had opened up her heart in a most unexpected way.  Maryam had been so caught up in Daisy’s struggle that she had almost missed the gift right in front of her: the gift of Daisy, just as she was.  Daisy hadn’t just changed their lives, she had changed their destiny. 

Maryam’s collection includes, “What about Daisy?,” “Road to Rescue Ranch” and “Happiness is.”

What about Daisy? has been seen on NBC, KTLA, and Channel 11. Best Friends Magazine writes, “This year there was little doubt in my mind about which title to recommend as the best choice for the young children on your gift list.” Blogger, She Scribes, compares What about Daisy? to greats, I’ll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm and Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

“For her first self-published work, Faresh has accomplished what many have only dreamed of, and she’s done it well. She understands that to get little ones involved in the story’s telling, repeating phrases are key. Kids can chime in with “…what about Daisy?”  -VegBooks-

What about Daisy?” Is an inspiring children’s story about Daisy, a deafblind rescue dog in search of her forever home. With the help of her canine rescue mom, Ms. Didi, her two fairies, Bella and Beva and a three legged cat named Louie, the adventure to find Daisy her loving home will entertain and warm your heart. Purchase Kindle Edition Now

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Happiness is…

Daisy, a rescue dog born deafblind and her friend Savannah also deafblind, share some of their favorite moments, reminding us of the simple, everyday experiences that can make any day special. Purchase Now

Road to Rescue Ranch

This magical journey of hope and triumph will warm your heart. Join Daisy, an inspirational rescue dog born deafblind, her fairies Bella & Beva, and a silly, loving raccoon named Riley, as they team up to find Ms. Didi’s Rescue Ranch. Road to Rescue Ranch is the prequel to Daisy’s first book titled, “What about Daisy? Purchase Now